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mars 27, 2020 | epilepsycenter

Dissertation behind closed doors

Today, Friday March 27, Esbjörn Melin defended his thesis, the last milestone of his research studies. Advancing gene therapy for epilepsy - Translational pre-clinical …
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februari 28, 2020 | epilepsycenter

Nailing – Esbjörn Melin

Today, Friday February 28, Esbjörn Melin put the symbolic nail through his thesis; Advancing gene therapy for epilepsy - Translational pre-clinical studies with neuropeptide …
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februari 14, 2020 | epilepsycenter

Världsepilepsidagen 2020

Monday, February 10 was the International Epilepsy Day. From Epilepsy Center a group of researches took the opportunity to meet with the public, first at …
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december 19, 2019 | epilepsycenter

Physical Activity Reduces Epilepsy Incidence

  This week, the results from a retrospective cohort study lead by Christine Ekdahl Clementson, Epilepsy Center, Lund University, was published in Sports Medicine …
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november 8, 2019 | epilepsycenter

SfN Chicago, October 19-23

Two weeks ago My Andersson, PI of Cellular Neurophysiology and Epilepsy group, Marco Ledri, PI of Molecular Neurophysiology and Epilepsy group and Ana Gonzalez Ramos, PhD …
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oktober 11, 2019 | epilepsycenter

Marco and Esbjörn celebrating great success!

This week we celebrate Esbjörn Melin (right), Experimental Epilepsy group, that got his article accepted for publication AND Marco Ledri (left), Molecular Neurophysiology and Epilepsy …
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september 24, 2019 | epilepsycenter

Welcome Natasha and Diana

Some weeks ago we were welcoming two master students; Natasha and Diana, to the Cellular Neurophysiology and Epilepsy group. Both started their master studies …
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september 13, 2019 | epilepsycenter

Smygehuk, August 29-30

On a beautiful day in August we headed for Smygehuk and Smygehus Havsbad to get together, clinicians and experimental researchers at Epilepsy Center. After …
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