BMC A11 in times of Corona

Colourful creation of pipettes and hand disinfection stop at BMC, A11
Unleashed creativity (a colourful creation by Ulla Jarl, BMA at A11) and a hand disinfection post.

The corridors at BMC A11 seem somewhat tidier and a bit more deserted than usual, or at least compared to say February this year. With the pandemic ghost howling above us we are adapting to what has become the new usual.

The conference room is no longer used – instead we meet in digital rooms with our pictures patched together like live hive cells on the screen. Administrative personal are working from home but this is not a choice for everyone and in the laboratories people are still running experiments to keep their projects going.

At the joint coffee breaks we have developed a new integrity distance, the crowded kitchen during breakfast has been solved with premade sandwiches and at lunchtime people tend to eat in shifts. The professors (I’ve been told) are not utterly disappointed with this unpredicted pause in travelling although from a PhD student’s point of view, with conferences being cancelled, this means less opportunity to present your data and interact with other researchers outside the lab.

In the middle of all this, the main entrance closed down and the area in front of BMC has become a construction site. Rumours says that the reception will move to where the A10 kitchen is now located, pending the continuous construction of Forum Medicum.

As a positive twist and on behalf of everyone at Epilepsy Center I would like to welcome Ling Cao to A11. Ling will work as a research engineer within the groups of Merab, My and Marco.

Keep up the good spirit and take care! * air-high-five *

maj 20, 2020

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