Combigene in collaboration with Spark to bring gene therapy for epilepsy to patients

In a press release on the 12th of October, Combigene announced agreement with Spark (Roche Group) to develop and commercialize CG01 for treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy.

Merab Kokaia, scientific co-founder of Combigene. Photo: Ingmar Hultquist


Merab Kokaia, scientific co-founder of Combigene and director of Epilepsy Center comments:

The exclusive licence contract between Combigene and Spark is an important milestone in the gene therapy project to treat epilepsy. This contract guarantees financial support of upcoming clinical trial in hard-to-treat cases of epilepsy patients. If everything goes as planned, the clinical trial will be initiated in 2022 and the collaboration with Spark will be instrumental to perform the study in best possible way. As a basic scientist behind the preclinical data that were generated by me and my collaborators and as a co-founder of Combigene, I couldn’t be happier to be able to see the whole process through, from scientific discovery to clinical trials in patients who suffer from epilepsy that is not possible to treat with currently available options. I would like to believe that this step will open for new avenues not only in epilepsy treatment, but also for those other neurological conditions in a broader perspective that are not treatable today.

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oktober 13, 2021

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