Dissertation behind closed doors

Today, Friday March 27, Esbjörn Melin defended his thesis, the last milestone of his research studies.

Advancing gene therapy for epilepsyTranslational pre-clinical studies with neuropeptide Y and glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor.

Due to the corona pandemic the dissertation was a bit more special than usual with both the opponent David Henshall, one of the committee members and most of the audience participating over video link. There to support Esbjörn was his closest family, supervisors and a few colleagues and friends. Despite these conditions we were given a thorough introduction on epilepsy and gene therapy and a fantastic presentation without any technical problems. Unfortunately, to keep a stable link with the opponent during the discussion the second link was cut and the audience following the defense from home or from an office missed out on the last part.

When the committee, chaired by Cecilia Lundberg, announced that Esbjörn had passed the exam, the opponent wanted to share an Irish tradition – and quite unexpectedly Esbjörn’s father magically pulled out a glass and a Guinness from a handbag so that Esbjörn could join David in a toast.  A very nice gesture, and a special moment! 

When everyone was gathering outside the auditorium to congratulate Esbjörn, his supervisor Merab Kokaia revealed the secret that all these years Esbjörn was actually part of a single blinded experiment with the hypothesis that a technical student from LTH could be successful in the medical field. And for sure, he concluded, this was right!

We salut you Doctor Melin, and wish you the best of luck in the future! 

mars 27, 2020

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