Summer greetings

June means examination and strawberries. At Epilepsy Center three students defended their thesis; Diana Hatamian and Mohanad Hayatleh who have done their master projects under the supervision of My Andersson, and Kerstin Laurin who has been a bachelor student in Marco Ledri’s group. Congratulations to the three of you and best of luck in the future! We hope to be remembered by the gift, whenever you are having a cup of coffee.

Other news at Epilepsy Center is that we are now partner of two new consortia;

EpiEpiNet – Epileptogenesis and Epilepsy Network: from genes, synapses and circuits to pave the way for novel drugs and strategies. This is a program within Horizon 2020, coordinated by Instituto de Medicina Molecular Joao Lobo Antunes, Portugal.

and Epi-Cluster – which is a community network reinforced by EBRA (European Brain Research Area), with partners of EU-funded research projects and organisations with focus on epilepsy.

Summer greetings!

juni 21, 2020

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