Världsepilepsidagen 2020

Monday, February 10 was the International Epilepsy Day. From Epilepsy Center a group of researches took the opportunity to meet with the public, first at the hospital in Kristianstad and later in the afternoon at Lunds stadsbibliotek. The event in Lund was organised by My Andersson, PI at Epilepsy Center, together with Lars A Ohlsson, Epilepsiföreningen Lund.

At the library My Andersson and colleagues presented some of the on-going research at Epilepsy Center, discussing future treatments like gene therapy, and the importance of testing on human tissue to evaluate the clinical potential of different factors. Christine Ekdahl-Clementson, researcher and clinician, presented the results from a cohort study suggesting that physical activity could prevent the development of epilepsy. Another speaker showed that seizures could induce inflammation in the eye, raising the question whether this might have an effect on the vision.

Lars Ohlsson talked warmheartedly about Epilepsiföreningen as an organisation where you can turn for support with practicalities and questions and emphasised that the most important part of their work is to organise social activities where people living with epilepsy, as a patient or as a relative, can meet. Lars also shared his personal story, describing the feeling of being the only parents with a child with epilepsy, when in fact once we talk about it; there are so many sharing the same experience.

To the speakers and the audience, Thank you!

Program Världsepilepsidagen Lund, 2020

februari 14, 2020

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